Payment is accomplished by either of the following ways:

1.     (a)Straight from the sponsor (after assessing the cost of secretarial service without including the tourist package).

(b) Alternatively, the secretarial service cost can be covered by subscription of the members (for a guaranteed minimum number of participants)

(c) In the case of special secretarial and tourist support, the payment is in accordance with the specific service.

2.     With a percentage on the turnover, which will be agreed between the organizing committee and the company, on the necessary provision the insurance of the conference cost. This way can only be followed after the definition of the minimum number of participants with the perspective of increase in the case of different data should come forward. Furthermore, as for the sponsorships, there will be participation in the percentage differentiated accordingly in the case this sponsorship is accomplished by the conference or by the organizer.

In either case, the organizer is to manage the sponsorship package, in money or stuff, offering high quality standards at the conference.